About Karbo Bros Pools

Karbo Bros. Construction Co. Inc. is a family owned custom pool builder established in 1979. The owners, Greg and Mike Karbo, work with every client directly. Karbo Bros. Pools is not a large company by choice; we do not deal in quantity, but in high quality in every pool. By limiting our numbers we can assure you that your pool will receive the utmost attention from start to finish.

Adding a pool is one of the most exciting things you can do for your home and family. From the initial design, our goal is to blend your pool area with your home and dreams. We’ll strive to give you not only the best quality swimming pool, but also a stress-free experience. We are known not only for our “pool of experience” but for creative excellence and innovation approaches when building a pool. We’re committed to using the best techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, giving our clients the highest quality pool available. Our pools not only lower the operating cost of your pool, but also reduce the amount of time you have to spend maintaining your pool. As professional builders, Greg and Mike can counsel on everything from ways to minimize maintenance, to selection of equipment, lighting, plaster, masonry, additional water features, and sanitization. And after the pool is built, we’ll continue to be right here.

Karbo Bros. Pools has had over 30 successful years because of our emphasis on the quality of what is put into the ground and the concern about our reputation and customer satisfaction. The knowledge and experience acquired by personally working on well over a thousand pools is what gives us a big edge and is a service to our customers.

Sales Process

Karbo Bros offers free estimates.  We use state of the art technology and computer design, with the ability to 3D outlined designs and make changes while viewing, Karbo Bros. Pools is able to create amazing designs with outstanding options and features available.

We are not dependent on designers and salesmen to relay information.  Karbo Bros. are one of the few if not only pool builders in the area that excavates its own pools.  This includes breaking rock.  The man on the machine is the builder.  Things get done right. With the Karbo Bros. you always deal directly with the builder.​

The actual construction of your pool is typically 100% subcontracted. With the Karbo Bros. you are hiring Greg and Mike Karbo, who since 1979 have personally worked on every one of over a thousand pools that they have contracted and completed.

Construction Process

Karbo Bros. Pools own and operate their excavation equipment. We take the extra steps by basing and power compacting the dig to achieve proper support for the pool shell. The steel schedule for the pool shell is at the very highest end: ½” steel, 8” on center throughout the entire pool with a bigger box beam (collar around perimeter of pool), with 4 bars of steel, sets Karbo Bros. Pools apart from other pool builders. Everything that is dug, trenched, graded is power compacted and based with appropriate material to aid in support and lessen the chances of earth shift, subsidence and expansion. Karbo Bros. Pools plumb their own pools, using 2 ½” pipe extensively for better flow rates and spa performance. Even our standard pools have upgraded plaster for strength, durability, and added years of service.

Every step of the building process is at the high end of construction schedules and techniques – It definitely adds up to a better pool and piece of mind for the owner.